Let's be clear, we love animals and living beings in general !

We do not start coincidentally in a cosmetic that preserves as much as possible micro-organisms. 

Our belief is that all beings, from humans to the smallest organisms, form a whole, a global ecosystem that must be protected at all costs.

To respect this deep conviction, we have two imperative rules :

1 - None of the ingredients we use has been tested on animals. In Europe, testing of cosmetic formulas on animals is prohibited. But often imported ingredients sometimes escape this rule. To verify that our ingredients are truly Cruelty Free we ask for certificates from each of our suppliers, and of course, we avoid providing ourselves in countries that practice animal testing.

2 - All our ingredients are VEGAN.. All our ingredients are VEGAN. This is particularly the case of prebiotics that we use that come from plant fermentation. While Prebiotics usually used in cosmetics are of animal origin (from honey most often).

Since 2017, we are PETA members.