Irritations, itching, ultra-sensitivity, our skin suffers from the polluted environment in which we live. And paradoxically, most of the pollutants that attack him come from the cosmetics we use to take care of them. The first objective of the BIOSME range is to offer healthy products that are truly respectful of our dermis and the ecosystem that develops there from birth..

Our hygiene range based on probiotic active ingredients is inspired by new way explored by research on skin biology and living organisms. All our formulas are natural, vegan and respectful of the microbiome. They combine the best of biotech and respect for nature.


Our innovation : the Pro-active Deo complex

To develop BIOSME deodorant, we have selected Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces strains that are naturally active against the proliferation of gram-positive bacteria, such as staphylococci and corynebacteria responsible for the emission of smelly molecules. Thanks to the Pro-active Deo complex (patented), deodorants and shower gels from the probiotic care range ensure perfect hygiene and naturally prevent the formation of sweat body odor while maintaining the natural balance of the skin.

Life at the heart of our formulas

Our development charter is strict : it combines natural ingredients (without chemical pollutants), biotech assets that boost the skin's natural defenses and some principles that protect the balance of the microbiome. We have banned from our formulas anything that can affect the integrity of the microbiome: preservatives and aggressive surfactants, alcohol, alkaline compounds ...

Preserve, Revitalize, Nourish

In our cosmetic pots, we use ingredients that gently nourishes the skin and its guests so precious :

Probiotic ferments

We use natural biocins derived from fermentation by lactic bacteria (lactobacillus acidofillus) of plant substrates whose bacteriostatic action does not alter the diversity of microorganisms present on the skin. These probiotics regulate the microflora on the surface of the skin while preserving its ecosystem and thus reduce irritations and inflammation causing skin imperfections, aging or odor

Prebiotic assets

We add in most of our formulas sugars from plant fibers that promote the growth of "good bacteria" essential to the health of our skin

An acidic pH

The skin microbiome deteriorates as soon as its pH is disturbed. Cosmetics are the primary cause of elevated skin pH and, as a result, the alteration of the protective barrier of the skin. All BIOSME hygiene products are epidermal pH.

Lactic acid

Naturally produced by the bacteria present on the epidermis, lactic acid is a key element of the balance of the microbiome. By adding lactic acid in all our formulas, we compensate for the deficit of the microbiome impaired by the use of conventional or alkaline cosmetics over time.

Fermented plant active ingredients

The fermentation of plants by lactic acid bacteria preserves the benefits of plants without heating and altering them. It also allows the use of natural ingredients without chemical preservatives. These fermented ingredients are particularly well tolerated by the skin, strengthens the bacterial balance and the immunity of the skin.

Reduction of chemical preservatives

Designed to preserve the integrity of cosmetics over time by avoiding pathogenic bacterial growths, chemical preservatives have, unfortunately, also an impact on the cutaneous microbiome. We minimize their use through the introduction of natural probiotic ferments and thus reduce their impact