image-microbiome.jpgThe human microbiome is the millions of microorganisms that live with us. Without them, we would not be able to digest the food we eat, to defend ourselves against pathogenic bacteria. Our skin would no longer ensure its barrier function against external aggressions: infections, sun, abrasions ...

The microbiome weakened by hygiene products

But a simple shower with a shower gel containing strong preservatives or high pH can destroy millions of good bacteria living on our skin, leaving our skin unprotected.

Then, imagine the effect of daily use of these kind of products on the skin microbiome !

Doctors note that our skin is more fragile and prone to chronic infections. It's time to change our hygiene routines !

Here are some simple rules that will help you boost and protect your microbiome

First reflex: Sorting out things in your bathroom

  • Ban and avoid shower gels or shampoos containing sulphates such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Sodium Laureth Sulphate. These too strong detergents are pests for the microbiome.
  • Avoid the use of alkaline cosmetics. Their pH close to 8 or 9, or even higher than 10 attacks the microbiome resulting in the death of the good bacteria present on our skin. This is the case of conventional or natural soaps, baking soda or alcohol.

Take care of your skin and its "nice hosts"

  • Take often showers or baths not too hot .
  • Do not do peeling with repetitions
  • Do not rub your skin too hard with a horsehair glove, loofa or bath towel.

Third reflex: Renounce the obsession with asepsis

  • Do not use antibacterial lotion or antibacterial hand soap anymore
  • Choose natural household products, less aggressive. By creating a sterile "middle" depleted in micoorganisms, they deplete our microbiome

Fourth reflex: Feeding your microbiome

  • Fermented food products are in fashion. Good ! They contain probiotics and prebiotics beneficial to our microbiome. Consume them without moderation. Kefirs, Kombucha, yogurt, soy sauce ... You're spoiled for choice !!
  • What is true for our gut microbiome is also true for our skin. Probiotic cosmetic treatments (still few) such as BIOSME's hygiene care help you take care of your skin by protecting and nourishing these precious inhabitants.