Since the beginning of the BIOSME story, we have been developing natural formulas without controversial ingredients. As soon as a suspicion appears on an asset or a compound, we eliminate it and replace it as quickly as possible with a natural alternative.

This work of elaboration and reformulation is at the center of our development process. We do not want to compromise with any doubt, no concessions.

It is in this spirit that since the beginning of 2018, we have undertaken to have all of our natural and organic formulas certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

By committing ourselves to a COSMOS certification process, we have raised the level of requirement on all development procedures.

We select and buy all our ingredients ourselves, check their traceability and their compliance with our criteria of excellence. These criteria are those required by ECOCERT, but we have also added ours: ingredients that respect the microbiome, the absence of compounds (including natural) potentially dangerous for health.

So today, we are committed to using :

  • Biotech-derived probiotic and prebiotic actives that protect the microbiome
  • Plant or natural extracts with COSMOS label
  • Guaranteed exclusively vegan ingredients not tested on animals
  • Ingredients without CMR and without heavy metals
  • Vegetable ingredients mainly from organic farming

This ecological approach is also accompanied by a rigorous choice of our packaging: they are all made in France and recyclable. We avoid unnecessary over-packaging.

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