Fermented ingredients, the beauty care revolution

Published : 09/08/2018 09:10:46
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Fermented ingredients, the beauty care revolution

Kombucha, kefir, kimchi, do you know ? Some fermented herbal dishes are known for multiple benefits : they protect our intestinal flora, our health and our immunity. What is good for our belly is also good for our skin ! 

Between tradition and innovation

Fermented dishes have always been important in Asian cuisine. Koreans assigne them thousand virtues they recently introduced them in cosmetic products. Biosme worship them ! The biological fermentation is a new vision of cosmetic ingredients. Fermented herbal keep all their benefits like fermented food. Fermented actives allow the production of antioxidant while enhacing the immunity and the balance of the skin. 

A probiotic deodorant with biofermented extracts 

Fermented plant ingredients in cosmetic care are particularly appropriate for sensitive skins. Due to the transformation by the microorganisms, ingredients are well tolerated by the skin, well absorbed and well efficient. Thus, bamboo floral water uses in the probiotic deodorant increase the moisturization of the skin at the first application. It encourage the development of good bacteria in synergy with the others probiotic actives.

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