Cosmetics and Pregnancy: How to take care of yourself and your baby

Published : 09/01/2018 11:15:41
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Cosmetics and Pregnancy: How to take care of yourself and your baby

Pregnacy is a unique and precious moment which deserves attention. During pregnancy, the future mum and her little inhabitant are vulnerable. As drugs, cosmetics products has to be checked.

Most chemicals products present in the environment and on our skin come from bathrooms. Agressive preservatives, endocrine disruptor, heavy metals, cosmectic and hygiene products are not harmless. As a precautionary measure, cosmetic products which contain risky ingredients must to be avoid during the pregnancy. Among risky ingredient there are MIT(methylisothiazolinone), parabens, phtalate, PEG, EDTA, triclosan, alcohol, sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS). Allegenes should also be avoid. The hormonal disorder during the pregnancy causes cutaneous hypersensitivity that could trigger allergies. European cosmetic regulation imposes to display all the allergens presents in the formula (at the end of the INCI list), but this is not the same for the others regulations including US regulation. 

Choosing natural products

Natural and organic products should be favour for hygiene and skincare howewer natural does not mean harmless. For example, essential oils are proscribed during pregnancy because they are suspected of being teratogenic. Also, certain natural ingredients contain harmful compounds, unlabelled. This is the case for CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic) substances presents in some natural products (essential oil of rose, some fragrance or plant extract) and others traditional cosmetic products.

Choose the right deodorant

Deodorant are the most controversial hygiene products mainly because they contain aluminium salt. Here is the probleme : during pregnancy  women sweat more than usually and the odor is most important. So, how to choose the right deodorant ? Rule number one : banish all deodorant which contain essential oils, especially during the first quarter because it could be trigger a miscarriage. Choose natual formula with floral waters. BIOSME propose a natural deodorant, whithout aluminium salt and alcohol which contains an allergen free fragrance. This deodorant prevents the formation of perspiration odors. As all biosme's products, it does not contain CMR substances.

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